At Fullhurst Community College, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum in order to develop confident, responsible and successful young people who have a developed understanding of the world around them. We are proud of our unique context and the richness this brings to our curriculum offer, which is designed especially to meet the needs of our students. Our students learn a broad selection of subjects in order to allow them to reach their aspirations and fulfil their ambitions, whatever they may be. The curriculum they follow also exposes them to varied ideas, diverse cultures and important parts of our heritage that they may not have encountered before so they can play an active role in society as informed, tolerant and responsible citizens.

We asked some of our faculty leaders to tell us what makes studying at Fullhurst different, and discuss some of the amazing opportunities available. This is what they told us… 


  • Win prizes (such as a Kindle) by completing extra reading around the topic they are studying for extra English credits.  
  • Our practical outdoor activity space, (The Farm), develops vocational skills, develop team-working and will provide an opportunity work closely with nature. 


  • The chance to audition, rehearse and perform in a full school theatre production, in front on a live audience. 
  • Experience different theatre forms, from a performance that makes you feel part of the action to one where you are on the edge of your seat. 

Film Studies: 

  • Create your own short film using top quality film equipment and software. 


  • Be the voice of the next generation. You’ll be put at the centre of growing world issues such as global warming. 
  • The opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 


  • Learn about the birthplace of Shakespeare as you visit Stratford-Upon-Avon. 
  • Be at the centre of the most anticipated courtroom battle in history as you sit on the jury at the trial of Adolf Hitler. 


  • Visit different places of worship such as Leicester Cathedral and a local Temple. 
  • Debate some of the major issues in society today, such as peace and conflict, environmental issues, medical ethics, abortion and life after death. 


  • Participate in Finance Week, learn the importance of effective money management. 
  • Take part in the UK Maths Challenge programme. Create a love for maths and a deeper understanding. 


  • Join us on our annual French trip to Paris. 
  • Play games within the classroom, such as connect 4, noughts and crosses and snakes and ladders, as well as listen to authentic songs, read authentic texts and watch videos of native speakers. 


  • You’ll be out and about with visits to the Sea Life Centre, University’s across the region and a trip to the Big Bang Fair! 
  • We’ll also have businesses and scientists coming to us, with guest speakers from companies such as BAE Systems and BP. 

Hair and Beauty: 

  • Trips to trade shows to meet suppliers and begin networking prior to starting full-time employment. 
  • Practical work experience. Spend time in a salon and understand how your skills are valuable in the workplace environment. 

Service and Maintenance Engineering: 

  • Visit working car dealerships and companies. Gain a real insight into the motor industry. 
  • The opportunity to work on cars. Fixing real-life issues on real life cars! 

Design and Technology: 

  • Work with new technology like the 3D printer, sublimation printer, 3D router and the laser cutter. 
  • Tools such as pillar drill, belt sander, sewing machine and laser cutter can be used outside of class time to further develop skills and turn a hobby into further education and a career. 


  • Learn an instrument you may not have used before, such as keyboard, ukulele, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, as well as electric drum kits. 
  • Contribute to numerous events, such as the Christmas Showcase, fashion shows, presentation evenings and events at the Drill Hall. 

Food Preparation and Nutrition:

  • Learn, develop and perfect practical skills to become an independent cook/baker
  • Taste, make and critique new and exciting foods to widen and broaden horizon surrounding food choices